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Hydrogen Generation

  • PEM Electrolyzers

    • Supported internal projects for an OEM to develop reduced cost, high performance PEM electrolyzers

    • Led projects to tailor PEM electrolyzers for unique applications using zero carbon electricity to produce green hydrogen

  • Photoelectrochemical (PEC) hydrogen generation

    • Performed an assessment of two technologies under development and provided recommendations for prioritizing technology development and scale-up tasks, resource requirements and plans to accelerate development

  • Hydrogen Reformers

    • Served as a technical and strategic product development advisor for a novel, proprietary hydrogen reformer technology

Hydrogen Molecules

Fuel Cells

  • PEM

    • Led international and US engineering teams to develop a prototype PEM Fuel Cell Stack for use in heavy duty transportation applications

  • PAFC

    • Conducted a make/buy study for a critical fuel cell component which led to developing the associated supply chain

fuel cell bus.jpg

Energy Technology Start-ups

  • Resource Planning

    • Defined capital and human resource requirements for company scale up

  • Engineering Design Concepts​

    • Developed prototype concepts for a battery electric vehicle​

  • Intellectual Property

    • Facilitated technical due diligence assessment of intellectual property for an alternate hydrogen generation technology

    • Conducted a technical feasibility analysis for a novel, low temperature waste heat electricity generator

  • Capital Funding

    • Wrote grant proposals for technology development and scale-up of a novel, low cost water electrolysis membrane for producing green hydrogen

    • Worked with founder to identify sources of funding and early commercial applications for the technology

Clean Tech Startup

Energy Storage

  • Flow Batteries

    • Provided project management guidance for the development of a grid storage flow battery prototype system

    • Managed cell stack development project to scale from laboratory test articles to a full size, grid scale flow battery energy storage system

  • Hydrogen Storage

    • Development of technology for long duration energy storage using hydrogen and reversible fuel cells

energy storage

Electrochemical Technology

  • CO2 Conversion

    • Provided technical and project management guidance to scale-up an electrochemical carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion technology to produce hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals from CO2 at commercial scale

  • Hydrogen Compression & Purification

    • Led technical team in design, build, test and delivery of an electrochemical hydrogen separation and compression system

    • Led team to develop a prototype moon based, liquid Hydrogen/Oxygen rocket fueling station for a space organization​

Fuel cell stack

Interim Management

  • Business Strategy

    • Advised leadership team on business strategy, resource planning and project prioritization

    • Developed a cost model for an electrochemical system to prioritize cost reduction efforts and establish component cost targets as a function of production volume 

  • Technical Leadership

    • ​Mentored engineering team to ensure suppliers, processes and hardware was developed to meet specifications and schedule requirements 

    • Managed technical team to set priorities, deploy resources internally and support installations at customer sites

  • Project Management

    • Provided project management and technical guidance for US Department of Energy hydrogen generation projects

    • Responsible for project leadership, municipal outreach and technical assistance for a statewide microgrid program to enable the development of reliable, efficient and renewable electricity generation for critical municipal buildings during severe weather events

interim management
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